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Magnolia's Mission

 Magnolia’s Hope Kitten Rescue is a small 501c3 foster

 based non-profit. Our mission is to rescue friendly

 pregnant/nursing cats,  and abandoned or orphaned

 neonatal kittens in the Spartanburg County, SC area.  


 We ensure all kittens that come through our rescue are

 given the best of care, and a  nurturing, and enriching

 environment so they can thrive, grow, and ultimately be

 placed in a loving furever home! 

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             2023 IMPACT              






Click the button below to be connected to fill out our intake/surrender request application. While we wish we could help all cats and kittens, Magnolia's Hope Kitten Rescue focuses on orphan neonatal kittens*, and friendly pregnant or nursing cats. Any requests regarding male cats/kittens over 8 weeks in age, or adult female cats who are not pregnant or are pregnant but are not friendly and able to be handled safely, will not be approved. 

Please note that while it is our calling to save and care for neonatal kittens and pregnant cats, we are not a first come, first served rescue. We make decisions on intake based on many factors, some of which are foster availability, funds available, and location. 

*kittens under 8 weeks in age

At this time Magnolia’s Hope Kitten Rescue is at full capacity and is not currently accepting surrender applications.

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